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With the state of the world right now as it is. And everything sad and devastating just pouring out everywhere. I find it really hard to be happy. I feel guilty of being happy that my room smells fresh or that I’m going to eat something yummy tonight. I feel guilty that one side of the world is fine. And the other is experiencing evil.
What to do but pray? (via janislylove)


A 10-year-old girl who was brutally raped by a mullah at a mosque faces yet another crisis. Authorities say that her family plans to carry out an “honor killing” against the girl. Despite having this information, local policemen have removed the girl from a Women for Afghan Women shelter and returned her to her family. 

The accused mullah argues that it was consensual sex and that the girl is much older than 10, despite medical evidence refuting his claims. 

Rights advocates worry about the future of women’s rights in Afghanistan as Western troops withdraw. “We already see the signs of losing the support of the international community,” says Nederah Geyah, head of the women’s affairs office in Kunduz “And I think what gains we have achieved the last 13 years, we’re slowly losing all of them.”

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Let me tell you more about the kind of cops we have here on Staten Island.

Pictured above is NYPD officer Peter Ciollo. He was busted for the attempted rape of a 16 year old girl last summer. In case you’re wondering, he was an officer from the 120th precinct on Staten Island. The same precinct where the officers that choked and murdered Eric Garner are from. 20 years ago, cops from that same precinct killed an unarmed Black man named Ernest Sayon. People go into the 120th precinct holding cells and come out brutally beaten and in a few instances dead. That precinct gets a lot of complaints for brutality and close to 70% of it is from Black people. To put it in perspective, Staten Island is only 10% Black. Cops from that precinct are known for abuse. I know the NYPD abuses power, but that precinct is just a coven for dirtbags. Quite a few of them were dirtbags I knew from high school. Now they are walking around with badges and guns.

More on officer Peter Ciollo via the NYDaily News 

Peter Ciollo, 29, gave the teenager alcohol and sexually abused her, authorities said. He is assigned to the 120th Precinct on Staten Island. 

An NYPD veteran plied a teenager with porn and booze before a Fourth of July sexual encounter that ended when his wife found the two in bed, police sources said.

Peter Ciollo, 29, was off duty when he allegedly targeted the 16-year-old victim over the holiday weekend, the sources said.

Ciollo was partying with two 16-year-old girls before participating in “multiple sexual acts” with the victim, Staten Island prosecutor Victoria Levin said Thursday at the cop’s arraignment.

Levin, reading from the criminal complaint, said the accused officer blamed the victim for what started on the night of July 4 and finished around 2 a.m. the next day.

“She came on to me,” Ciollo reportedly told authorities. “She told me she was 17.”

According to the sources, Ciollo gave the victim alcohol before letting her drive his car. The cop allegedly provided her with more to drink before they returned to his home.

Ciollo, at some point, used a computer to show the girl pornography before kissing her on the lips and urging her to take her shirt off, the sources said.

The pair wound up in bed, where the officer had the teen climb on top of him while he rubbed his genitals against hers, the sources said.

The woozy girl later said she remembers waking up in somebody else’s underwear before Ciollo’s wife found the two in bed, the sources said.

When I tell people about the kind of officers out here patrolling the streets, I’m often met with disbelief. These people are thugs plain and simple. This cop thought “she came on to me” is an acceptable defense. He’s a cop.

Here’s another example of their ridiculousness. There was an investigation on a steroid distribution ring here on Staten Island (Steroids are big business here. A lot of Jersey Shore types.) One problem though, many of the people on steroids here are cops. I know for a fact that a big chunk of the people using them are cops! I used to work out at a bodybuilding gym here and they were pretty brazen about it. Cops were talking about what they were using like it was nothing. They would openly talk about their steroid cycles over protein shakes like they were talking about the weather.

That’s the culture here. There is a heavy NYPD and FDNY presence in the hardcore gyms and many of them are on tons of steroids. It’s what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They start to feel invincible and act accordingly. That’s all they do; work out, use steroids and harass Black people when they’re on duty. It’s just so laughable that these cops who are on copious amounts of anabolic steroids were conducting a steroid investigation. What a joke. They’re gonna have to arrest themselves then. One of the guys that got busted mentioned how the amount the cops logged in when he found out what his charges were wasn’t even remotely close to what they took from him. Most of his inventory just disappeared. They took his stuff! Luckily for him, he got a slap on the wrist because the amounts the cops said he had was deemed small enough for personal use and not distribution. He said some of the cops who busted him were his customers and he thinks they set him up. He’s just happy not to be in jail, and took this whole thing as a wake up call. He took the loss and kept it moving. He has an honest job now, but he always warns people about these dirty ass cops.

The level of corruption from them is appalling. Half these cops look like they’re auditioning for the Jersey Shore reality show on mtv. That’s what is out here. Meatheads on steroids going around abusing their power. 

When you hear about communities not trusting the police, refusing to cooperate with them on investigations etc, know that there is a reason for it. There’s usually a track record of rotten behavior from them. They don’t trust cops for a reason.


Nina Simone's Daughter: 'My Mother Could Be A Monster'




Lisa Simone Kelly opens up about her mom’s anger, their troubled relationship and what she thinks of Zoe Saldana playing her mom

he forthcoming biopic of the late singer’s life starring Zoe Saldana has been put on pause due to its own drama. Writer and director Cynthia Mort has been locked out by a legal dispute with the producers. This makes Lisa smile. She said:

"They did not ask me or the Nina Simone estate to participate in the film at all. It is based on a lie because it is based on the life of my mother’s assistant, Clifton Henderson. Clifton was gay so he could not have had an affair with my mother, which is what the film implies. And my mother was raised at a time when she was told her nose was too wide, her skin was too dark…She was rejected by the U.S. She loved classical music and wanted to become the first black classical pianist but her dreams turned to dust because of the colour of her skin. Zoe Saldana portraying her is a bad joke because there are more gifted actresses who are more in keeping with my mother’s appearance.

I know how my mother would feel about Zoe, so they are making a mockery of her experiences to construct their own truth. The goal seems to be to bleed me dry of everything my mother stood for, of everything she sacrificed. She had many experiences in her life that left her feeling sad and angry. They approached the estate for permission to use some of the songs but as administrator I refused. I had the biggest laugh when I heard that Cynthia Mort had been pushed out of the film. You could call it karma. There is most certainly a divine order at work.”

If Nina Simone’s own daughter has objects then you know the film is a piece of trash

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